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On the Selection of a Suitable AI Technique for Solving a Given Problem

Altaf Khan

© Altaf Khan 2005-2006

If the nature of computations required in a task is not well understood or there are too many exceptions to the rules or known algorithms are too complex or inefficient then AI has the potential of offering an acceptable solution. Many times, any number of AI techniques can help solve the problem at hand, but at others, only the right one will do. Therefore, it is important to have some appreciation of them all. How do we determine the right technique for that particular problem? This tutorial presents a framework that can be used to answer this question.
If you are interested in find an AI-based solution for a given problem, you must first need to pick the right technique. This presentation offers a framework that can be used to make such selections. This framework is a vocabulary, describing objectives and constraints of problems and AI techniques. Elements of this vocabulary act as a committee of critics, each member trying to influence the outcome in an individualistic and selfish manner. A particular technique is selected if it satisfies most of the critics in the problem's committee to a reasonable degree, without overly upsetting the remaining ones. For further explanation, take a look at the presentation:

A. H. Khan. On the selection of a suitable AI technique for solving a given problem PDF. Tutorial. Presented at the 3rd IEEE National Multitopic Conference (INMIC'98), Lahore, Pakistan, 20-22 November 1998.



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