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BPO Articles and Presentations

Altaf Khan

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This a list of articles, reports, and presentations on business process outsourcing. Most all of them are quite relavent to Pakistan's entrepreneurs.

Newspaper, Magazine and Web Articles

BPO Worldwide

Offshore BPO Growing

Fastest growing segment within IT services. By 2007, it will account for 14% of the total BPO market, compared with 1% in 2003 (Gartner)

Global BPO Market Size

Growing 7% annually to $1.2 trillion by 2007 (IDC)

Everyone is Doing It

73% of US execs interviewed said their firms presently outsource one or more business processes (PwC)

Satisfied Customers

84% of big-company CEO’s are satisfied with their BPO experience (Yankelovich)

Value Proposition Changes

Perception has shifted from BPO as a tool for meeting financial goals to a means for companies to gain competitive edge (Gartner)

Reports and Presentations



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