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Improving the Effectiveness of University Teaching

Altaf Khan

© Altaf Khan 2005-2006

This presentation brings together the ideas of some of the very best teachers and thinkers on teaching. The topics that are discussed include: the true role of a lecture and a lecturer; how to make learning attractive? How to teach them when they don't want to be taught? How to grab and maintain their attention? How to cerate intellectual excitement? What sort of questions are the best ones and how to answer questions? The role of examples.
Many teachers use lectures mainly as a vehicle for supplying information to their students. A well written book can, however, do the conveying-of-information task more effectively. Therefore, many of the great ones use the lecture for a different purpose - to excite the students about what is important for them to learn. Lectures are better than reading material at inspiring students to appreciate the importance of key info. Above all, lectures can better create a state of intellectual excitement that promotes learning.

You can find more on this and other ideas that can make you a more effective teacher in the following presentation:

Improving the effectiveness of university teaching PPT



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