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Intro to Computing

Altaf Khan

© Altaf Khan 2009-2010


Lecture notes of a course designed to develop an appreciation of various aspects of computing, generate interest through Web page development, and introduce essential productivity software packages.� Topics include: evolution of computing; hardware; software development; algorithms; Internet; World Wide Web.� The student also learnt how to develop interactive Web pages in HTML and JavaScript.
I have taught this "Intro to Computing" course to freshmen at several universities. Classroom recordings of its first offering were used for a professor-free, PC-based offering - probably the first experiment of its kind in Pakistan. Its second offering was for a distance-learning TV audience and has been broadcasted tens of times in its entirety to most corners of the world over terrestrial and satellite channels.  Several thousand students have taken this course for credit (mostly in Pakistan, but also in a number of other countries) and several million have watched portions of it on TV.

The DVD's of the 45 lectures can be ordered from here. These lectures are also available on YouTube. Those recordings and the PowerPoint slides available on this page were prepared in early 2002.



Understanding Computers 2000: Today & Tomorrow, 2000 Edition (Charles Parker. Harcourt. December 1999.)
JS Learn JavaScript in a Weekend (Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. Prima Tech. March 2001.)

PowerPoint Slides, Reading Material and Assignment Schedule

1st Lecture 2nd Lecture 3rd Lecture (Web
Reading Material Assignment
1 Introduction* Evolution of computing The World Wide Web INT 1 -- Email & discussion
2 Computer systems Building a PC Making & hosting a Web page* HW 1 &
10-27 HTML 1
3 Microprocessors Binary numbers & logic* Lists & tables HW 2 &
HW 3
28-40 Binary nos. & logic
4 Computer software Operating systems Interactive forms* SW 1 &
SW 2
40-47 HTML 2
5 Application software Word processing & desktop publishing* More on interactive forms PS 1 244-272 Word
6 Algorithms I Algorithms II* Objects, properties, methods IS 1 113-152 Algorithms & flowcharts
7 Programming languages SW development methodology Data types & operators* IS 2 62-72 JavaScript 1
8 Midterm Exam (No lecture on this day) Spreadsheets* Flow control & loops PS 2 79-96 Excel
9 Design heuristics Web design for usability Arrays* -- 104-112 JavaScript 2
10 Computer networks Introduction to the Internet Functions & variable scope* NET 1 -- JavaScript 3
11 Internet services Developing presentations* Event handling NET 2 100-104 PowerPoint
12 Graphics & animation Intelligent systems Mathematical methods* -- 157-169 JavaScript 4
13 Data management Database software* String manipulation PS 3 72-76 Access
14 Cyber crime Social implications of computing Images & animation LIV 2 281-290 --
15 The computing profession The future of computing Programming methodology -- 296-308 --
16 Review &
-- -- -- -- --

NOTE: Homework is assigned in lectures marked by an asterisk (*)


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