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Business Plan for a New Software Quality Assurance Company

Altaf Khan

© Altaf Khan 2006

This new company - requiring $4.9 million during its first three years - will grow into a $47 million provider of quality-assurance services over a period of five years. It will cover the complete life-cycle of financial and telecommunications software. It will enable her client companies get premium rates for their services by measurably enhancing the quality of the software they develop.
This startup will sell to Asian operations of US businesses first and then leverage those relationships to get work from their parents. It will target: Small-to-medium sized projects; Companies in a hurry; Telecom and finance sectors. It will focus on verification assurance initially and expand into higher value-adding validation assurance later.

It will attract and retain excellent individuals by ensuring their professional growth and through equity sharing. It will leverage the under-utilized, attractively-priced HR available in Pakistan. It will mostly hire non-CS graduates with analytical skills or domain expertise. It will train tirelessly and will ensure an expanding supply of SQA-professionals through a separate training operation. It will give new clients the assurance of working with a world-class player through certifications. It will build an organizational culture rooted in shared-values, and keep on enhancing it.

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