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Books I Like

Altaf Khan

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What follows is a list of some of the books that I have read and found enjoyable/valuable. Every recommendation is linked directly to the appropriate page on You can find and order many other fine books by visiting Amazon's bookstore's homepage.

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 Probably the best book of its kind. An up-to-date 5th edition is to become available in 2007.
 This is a very interesting read. It tries to shine a light on Intel's hard-driving atmosphere and tough - at times questionable - business tactics. No wonder Intel chose not to cooperate with the author.
 A novel on project management. I found it rather long-winded, but with a simple, very powerful message.
 I have not read any of his newer works, but this one is pretty good. Us engineers have known it for quite some time that chaos is unavoidable, and if one realizes that, one can learn to thrive on it.
 Full of business wisdom. Contains many strips that you would like to share with your boss.
 An overview of his life's work.
 A book on how to use the very simple 80/20 idea for improving productivity. I really liked Koch's suggestions on improving top executives' performance.
 An all-time classic - but some of those lessons were dead wrong!
 Again, chaos is good.
 I really like such compendiums of wisdom. The greatest ideas of management condensed in 300 pages!

Software Processes, Software Usability, Software Project

 The most useful book on software project management. Very concise - can be read in one sitting. It is certainly not a textbook, but I would certainly like to teach a course based on it.
 A great read, full of practical solution to common software development issues.
 "Don't make me think": the best definition of software usability!
 Focuses on the people-side of software process improvement. BTW, I have wised up and have become anti-CMM. See this presentation PPT.


 Really good techno-thrillers. I reread "Debt of Honor" after 9/11. I wonder if Clancy feels responsible for giving them the idea!
 This Pulitzer Prize winning novel chronicles the birth of a state-of-the art Data General computer. Here, engineers are heroes, and mangers, well they are managers!

Expert Systems, Neural Nets, Business Intelligence

 A good read, written for the non-techie business professional. Here is a presentation PPT based on this book.
 One of the best books on neural nets. I met the author a few times - nice guy. He used to be at Aston Univ, but now is at MSR, Cambridge.
 Probably the most popular textbook for an introductory course. Won't be my first choice!
 I once wrote a magazine review for this one. An OK textbook.


 My favorite techie book. The best part: a very concise list of design heuristics. I would love to teach a grad course based on this book. A note to whoever has borrowed that book from me: please return it ASAP.
 I really like the interdisciplinary approach and also that it enables the teaching of discrete-time concepts without requiring the students to study continuous-time systems first.


 The only teaching-skills book that I have ever read. Gave me a few pretty useful tips. Also published by Ferozesons.


 Here is one book that I would like to read, but am unable to. I have tried a few time, but I just don't get most of it. I have not given up, though.
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