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Right-Sizing Processes in the Pakistani Software Industry

Altaf Khan

© Altaf Khan 2005-2006

Many software development organizations either do not believe in having processes or completely religious about having them. Here we discuss a gradual approach for moving from a no-process company to having just the right number of processes.
Good process and continually improving process are admirable goals. They are also very natural goals: Good technical workers will focus on them whether your tell them to or not!

A popular way of achieving good process is to go for CMM and similar model-based process improvement programs. The trouble with all model-based process improvement is: how do we know if the model is correct? (because the author says so!) How do we know if the model is applicable to all sorts of projects and organizations? (because the author says so!) They give no guarantees and provide only a false sense of security. In many implementations, they have also resulted in creating a creativity stifling atmosphere. In this presentation, we present a simple and flexible alternative to model-based process improvement.

Fakhar Lodhi and myself were the co-presenters for this talk. He did the "resources" part, whereas I took care of the "Processes."

F. U. Lodhi and A. H. Khan. Right-sizing resources and processes in the Pakistani software industry PPT. IEEE Pakistan Section/LUMS Research Center Seminar, Lahore, Pakistan, November 2001.


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