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BPO Service Providers in Pakistan

Altaf Khan

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Pakistan's offshore BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry is growing at a rapid pace. For the factors that are catalyzing that growth, take a look at Why Outsource to Pakistan? In this article you will find a list of Pakistan's BPO service providers along with their locations and the set of services they are offering.
The primary advantage that local BPO businesses enjoy is the relatively low cost of labor- 30% cheaper than India! Secondary attractions are low corporate taxes and low-cost infrastructure. The time-zone differences can also be exploited in certain types of offshore outsourcing setups.

The total size of the BPO sector is currently quite small - worth only a few million dollars - but growing steadily. In-bound call centers is the most popular sub-sector. In all, BPO companies specializing in the following areas can be found in Pakistan:

BPO from Pakistan:
Exporting business services over the Internet

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  • Call Center
  • Accountancy
  • Medical Transcription
  • Animation Development
  • Data Entry
  • HR services
  • Claim processing
  • Document Digitization
  • Legal Transcription

List of BPO Providers and Their Services

Company City  Services Offered (Abbreviation Key)
Accountancy Outsourcing Services Lahore       AC                
Apvision Karachi CC                  
Axact Karachi CC AC     DE          
Axiom Islamabad CC       DE     DD    
BAS Rawalpindi CC                  
Brain Storm Lahore     MT              
C-3 Karachi CC                  
Call Central Islamabad CC                  
Catcos Inc Karachi CC                  
Cerebrum Technologies Karachi CC                  
Datels International   Rawalpindi       AD            
Digital Processing Systems Islamabad CC AC MT   DE HR        
eMed Technologies Lahore     MT              
Ensign Communique
Karachi CC  
Eplanet Communications Karachi CC   MT              
Etilize Pakistan Karachi         DE          
Geoconsult Karachi                 GC  
Global Contact Centre Lahore CC                  
Hauka Karachi CC   MT   DE   CP DD   LT
Information Transformation Services Rawalpindi                 GC  
Jeem Solutions Karachi CC   MT   DE HR        
Katz Communications Lahore CC                  
Medical Transcription Billing Company Islamabad     MT              
Mindbridge Lahore CC                  
MPS Call Center Lahore CC                  
NBA Computers Karachi CC       DE          
Nortec Karachi CC   MT         DD    
Ovex Technologies Islamabad
CC           CP      
Post Amazers Karachi       AD            
R2V Services Islamabad                 GC  
Rapid Response Islamabad CC AC                
RegTel Enterprises Lahore CC                  
Sabri Niazi Technologies Islamabad CC                  
Sharp Image Karachi       AD            
SKP Consulting Lahore   AC                
Sybrid Karachi CC
Systems Lahore
  AC     DE     DD    
Techno Beavers Lahore   AC                
Tekbuzz Call Solutions   Karachi CC   MT              
Teknotronics   Karachi   AC     DE   CP DD    
The Resource Group (TRG) Lahore
CC AC                
Touchstone Communications Islamabad CC                  
TransData Lahore CC                  
Verticity Karachi           HR        
Voxel Communications Islamabad CC                  
Web Dynamics   Lahore       AD            
Wireframe Interactive Lahore       AD            
World Bridge Connect Lahore CC AC                
Abbreviation Key
  CC Call Center   HR HR Services
AC Accountancy   CP Claims Processing
MT Medical Transcription   DD Document Digitization
AD Animation Development   GS GIS/CAD
DE Data Entry   LT Legal Transcription
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